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Hi, I’m Joy Kirkwood, and I’m a Power Apps fanatic.

I work as a Power Platform solution architect for a global tech consulting firm. This means I get to talk to clients about the Power Platform pretty much every day!

In my spare time, I build lots of Power Apps, experiment with new capabilities and discover new cool ways of developing canvas apps from a non-programmer perspective.

Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn or reach out via email at joy@joyofpowerapps.com.


Growing up, I spent countless hours on my family’s computers, tying up the phone line with my dial-up modem. You could often find me doing things like puttering around in DOS on my dad’s Windows 3.1 machine, cracking open my mom’s beastly desktop to poke at the IDE drives, attempting to install Red Hat on my Compaq Armada 7800 laptop, or learning HTML and CSS so my fairly terrible teenage Web 1.0 site could proudly display the W3C validation tags. As an adult, I continue my pursuit of the nerdy arts: I am fascinated by the science of language acquisition, the ethics of AI, the intersection of accessibility & technology, and I still enjoy putting together my own computers.

A career in technology was not on my radar (STEM programs for young women weren’t a thing yet in the late 90s and I didn’t like calculus), and so when I went off to Washington State University it was to earn two bachelor’s degrees in psychology and foreign languages. I became proficient in speaking Spanish, and delved into cool science things like working in Dr. Lisa Fournier’s visual attention lab and earning my name on a few psych research papers. Out in the wide world, I spent some time working in hospital revenue cycle management before securing my first opportunity to work in technology in 2013 as a customer support associate for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011.

And I have been in the Dynamics universe ever since!

I have done a little bit of everything with Dynamics CE:

  • the journey of an ISV from CRM Sales version 5 to version 8 (and all the update roll-ups in-between)
  • Unified Service Desk call center implementations
  • teaching myself MS SQL 2012 for database conversion and migration
  • end user training at national conferences (my specialty was workflows and dialogs)
  • Dynamics 365 Portals with XRM implementations (yes, I dug up those rusty CSS skills)

With my focus on D365 CE for so long, it took me until late 2019 to discover Power Apps. I was instantly in love! Object-oriented programming has long eluded me, and here Microsoft had dropped the ability to leverage the skills I already had in the tech stack in which I already specialized to create my very own apps. I am especially excited by the Power Platform’s value proposition for Dynamics: canvas apps, flows and the other platform components can extend CRM in brand new ways without having to say the words “custom web resource” ever again.

My creativity in solving business problems along with my past experience with cloud technology was a killer combo, and a new passion was born:

The Joy of Power Apps

Outside of client work, blogging, and tech side projects, I have a nice variety of non-technical hobbies like knitting, kayaking, collecting (and sometimes reading) used books, and trying my hand at DIY house projects. My mischievous dog also keeps me quite busy.

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