watch my interview on The Oops Factor

In case you haven’t got enough of your Joy Opinions™ for the month— this past weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to talk with The CRM Ninja, EY Kalman, for his video interview series, The Oops Factor.

The Oops Factor is all about the mistakes we make, and the lessons learned along the way. In the archives, you can hear stories of failures, missed opportunities, errors and “oops” moments from many different members of the CRM and Power Platform communities, including other consulting partners like me, Microsoft leadership, MVPs and other technologists from around the world!

While I was delighted to be invited to participate, I also felt a fair amount of anxiety. What would I even talk about? It’s a wild concept, being that vulnerable on a publicly-shared YouTube show! After some deliberation, I decided to share my biggest “oops” and greatest lesson: letting fear be my primary driver for such a long time.

In the interview, you’ll hear me excitedly chat with the CRM Ninja on topics like:

  • My knitting hobby and my atrocious habit of abandoning projects half-way through
  • Fixed Mindset versus Growth Mindset
  • How a fixed mindset has personally and professionally affected me
  • My Oops Factor: nearly missing out on the Power Platform!
  • The amazing opportunities I’ve had since embracing a growth mindset and starting to say “yes”

Appearing on the show was itself an example of saying “yes” and diving in, even when my inner critic is loudly telling me not to. I hope that sharing my story with you all helps you shift into Growth Mindset and say YES to your next scary opportunity, too!

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